EU Declaration of Conformity

Hereby we,

Address: 3 Clanwilliam Square, Dublin 2
City: Dublin 2
Country: Ireland
Telephone number: + 353 (0)1 532 1764

Declare that this Declaration of Conformity is issued under our sole responsibility and that this product:

Product description: MO–TUNSBWB-EU / MO-TUNSBOO-EU
Type designation(s): CareClip™ and Charging Unit, Goods and Services:
Class 9, 10,37,42,44 & 45

Object of the declaration (further identification of the radio equipment allowing traceability):

Motech CareClip and Charging Unit, is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonization legislation: Radio Equipment directive: 2014 / 53 / EU and other Union harmonization legislation where applicable:

With reference to the following standards applied:


EN60950 -1 A1 A2 A11 A12
EMC: EN301 489-1v2.2.0
EN301 489-3v2.2.0
EN301 489-52v1.1.0


EN300 220-2 v2.1.1
EN300 440 v2.1.1
EN301 551v12.5.1
Plus further standards from Telit re module testing

The Notified Body Compliance Engineering Ireland performed: Applicable Modules: Safety, EMC and Radio where applicable:

They issued the EU-type examination certificate. Description of accessories and components, including software, which allow the radio equipment to operate as intended and covered by the Declaration of Conformity.