The CareClip is the Most Advanced in the World

The CareClip is a tried, trusted and tested solution used by telecare providers in Europe, the Caribbean and Central America. Developed in Ireland by leading engineers in mobile and digital solutions, the CareClip is the most reliable, secure and advanced product in the market.

Simple Dashboard for Support Teams & Care Providers

The CareClip is supported by Motech’s dedicated platform, with an easy to use interface that offers unique portal logins for various users according to their needs, including the end-user and carer, monitoring centres and systems administrators.

Supporting Mobile App

Get alerts on the go with the CareClip’s supporting mobile app.

– Location of end-user(s)

– Fall alerts

– Panic alerts

– Boundary (geofencing) alerts

– Battery life of CareClip

The app also supports the monitoring of multiple end-users, giving carers peace of mind at all times.

Find Out How the CareClip Can Work for You

Audio Enabled

Alert Button

Safe Zone Management

Market Leading Connectivity

Fall Detection

Live Location Services

Activity View

Mobile App