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Motech is a leading provider of mobile and digital technology that supports independence and peace of mind for those who need it most. Solutions which support mobile care and assisted living are delivered by a customisable cloud based platform that, in turn, supports all elements of the care ecosystem, called, The Motech Service Centre. We provide control and security through our secure Platform and Mobile Apps.


Motech also created The CareClip™ which was designed and enabled by Motech with care needs in mind, allowing the user to live life to the full.  Motech has the ability to meet the current and future technology requirements of the market.

Motech is a QSF Certified and ISO 27001 accredited company that supports independent living whilst also supporting those that have personal or professional safety requirements.

We are a mobile and digital company that is delivering a more informed, proactive and integrated care and security model.

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End to End Technology Solutions

Delivering a more informed, proactive and integrated care and security model.

The CareClip™ – Live Life to the Full

“The CareClip supports the independence and safety of the user.”

“We’re continually seeking new ways to help people live with freedom and dignity. The CareClip supports the independence and safety of the user, helping them to remain at home and play an active part in their community, as well as giving peace of mind to family and carers.”

–  James Doyle, Managing Director, Tunstall Emergency Response

“Using mobile technology has enabled Rita to maintain her independence and live the lifestyle she chooses.”

“It allows her to keep doing what she has done for years with confidence and to keep active. She is also reassured that her grandson and other family members can remotely check in on her.”

Rita, 101 Years Old
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“I have the CareClip with me all the time.”

“My day often changes and I may need to leave an acute care setting at any time to visit a family at home and sometimes in an isolated area.Some of the rural areas I cover do not have a good mobile signal and some areas have no signal.”

“I feel more confident that if I had an accident or went off road, especially in winter months, I would be able to contact the call centre if I needed help.”

Community-based Clinical Nurse Co-Ordinator
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“We support monitoring centre services, security service providers, healthcare professionals and carers to manage the care and safety of their customers.”

Paul Flavin, Motech Devices

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